Furry Friends Pet Sitting, LLC

Your furry family members become our furry friends!

Furry Friends Pet Sitting LLC offers a wide variety of options for your sitting needs!

While You are Vacationing

If you are out of town and need someone to care for your pets in your absence, we will come to your home and see to your pets' needs.  For dogs that do not have access to the outside or have puppy pads, we recommend at least three visits per day.  For cats, we recommend at least one visit per day to ensure the safety of your feline friends.  

While You Are at Work

We offer mid-day visit services to visit, play with, and/or walk your dogs while you work!  Puppies and elderly dogs sometimes need to go out during the middle of the day.  Other dogs require a visit due to loneliness.  Still others have too much energy to burn and need the exercise in the middle of the day.  

House Check and Plant Watering

It is important for potential intruders to believe someone is home while you are away.  We will bring in your mail, open/close your blinds and curtains, turn your lights on and off, water plants inside and out, set out your trash, check for break-ins or water leaks with or without pets in your home.

Pet Taxi

We can take your pets to the vet, the groomer, doggy daycare, or your best friend's house!